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Ep.18 How to Go From Complete Overwhelm to Clarity with REAL Amazon Seller Abderrahim Ait el Mahjoub

Sprint to Profit
Ep.18 How to Go From Complete Overwhelm to Clarity with REAL Amazon Seller Abderrahim Ait el Mahjoub

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit podcast. In this episode, we are going to be speaking with a friend and member of ours who is an Amazon seller himself, Abder Ait el Mahjoub. Today we’re going to talk about Abder’s journey, his advice for new sellers, his hurdles, how he changed his mindset, and what he’s learned from ASM.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:20 - Introduction
  • 01:15 - What was life like before Amazon? 
  • 03:54 - Which hurdles did Abner personally face and how did he overcome them? 
  • 05:30 - If he could remove all barriers and constraints, what would he do to build his business?
  • 10:35 - What were his unique skills which helped him become successful on Amazon?
  • 15:40 - Abder’s intrinsic “why” 
  • 19:10 - What advice would he give to someone wanting to start their Amazon business?
  • 24:25 - With all the ups-and-downs, how is Abder’s business doing now?
  • 31:20 - Are there any resources that have helped him on his journey? 
  • 34:00 - Closing and thanks to Abder 



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06:00 – “I remember that my product that I selected, it wasn’t good. So I felt comfortable just saying, ‘Okay, this product, I have to liquidate it and move onto the next one because--as we say--the numbers never lie.’” – Abderrahim Ait el Mahjoub 

06:40 – “The keyword is the most important part of the product selection.” - Abderrahim Ait el Mahjoub

11:40 – “Being open, being able to take criticism, being able to take direction from people who have done it before [...] It is the people who listen and who take action that see the most success.” - Kirsty

06:45 – “If you’re doing the research on the wrong keyword, you’re going to get-skew your data and you’re going to think it might look good or it might look worse than it is depending on what keyword you’re looking up.” - Isaac

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