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Ep.32 How to Avoid Costly Mistakes with Your Amazon Ads with Laura McCaul of Sponsored Profit

Sprint to Profit
Ep.32 How to Avoid Costly Mistakes with Your Amazon Ads with Laura McCaul of Sponsored Profit

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. Today we’re going to be speaking with a dear friend and colleague, Laura McCaul, from Sponsored Profit which is a firm that specializes in training and tools around Amazon Advertising. Laura will be talking about three costly mistakes that Amazon sellers make when it comes to Amazon Ads, as well as actionable things you can do to avoid these mistakes.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:22 - Hello and Welcome
  • 00:51 - Laura Introduction
  • 02:30 - Laura’s background and Sponsored Profit
  • 06:13 - What Laura will be covering
  • 08:21 - Mistake #1: Fear of spending money
  • 21:52 - Mistake #2: Amazon PPC FOMO
  • 30:00 - Mistake #3: Spending money on the wrong keywords
  • 32:50 - Keywords: At launch-time versus ongoing
  • 40:29 - Summary and takeaways
  • 43:57 - Free Training



Sponsored Profit: https://www.sponsoredprofit.com/

Laura McCaul’s email: laura@sponsoredprofit.com

Free 28 Day Free Trial of Sponsored Profit's Tools using this Link: https://www.sponsoredprofit.com/28-days?ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sponsoredprofit.com%2Fa%2F32358%2F97ffwr2A

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08:42 - “Many sellers are afraid to spend money because they see PPC as a cost and not an investment.” - Laura McCaul

12:22 - “There is a time and a place for testing keywords and PPC but it’s typically not during these high traffic periods” - Laura McCaul

15:05 - “So yeah, your conversion and your CTR are two key metrics you always want to improve.” - Laura McCaul

31:17 - “If no one is buying on a keyword, that means it’s a keyword that isn’t working for you. The fact that you think it’s your main keyword, you just kinda have to divorce that.” - Laura McCaul 

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