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Ep.49 How Jean-Francois Went From an Unprofitable Business to 7 Figures in a Month with GREAT Profit

Sprint to Profit
Ep.49 How Jean-Francois Went From an Unprofitable Business to 7 Figures in a Month with GREAT Profit

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, we are going to be speaking with a close friend and member of ours who is an Amazon seller himself, Jean-Francois (“JF”) Truchon.When we say close, we mean very close, as JF is actually Kirsty’s husband, and the three of us have known each other since 2016 (when we met at one of our Live Workshops in Toronto). JF is a multiple 7-figure seller on Amazon. We wanted to bring him on today to discuss his journey from when he first started, to when we first met him, and to where he is today. We go over everything from his personal hurdles, how his background in science has helped him (or not) and advice he has for new sellers.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:23 - Hello and Welcome
  • 01:35 - JF’s background and life before Amazon
  • 05:40 - Personal hurdles
  • 09:57 - What made JF change his career
  • 13:22 - Taking advice from someone and implementing it
  • 19:00 - Pivotal advice
  • 25:15 - Unique skills that help JF succeed
  • 40:18 - How JF’s business is going now
  • 47:00 - Resources that have helped JF with his Amazon business
  • 50:50 - Advice for new sellers
  • 61:05 - Conclusion



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05:48 - “When I started selling, I had this great idea that a lot of people have (unfortunately) which is that I’m going to take a market that is huge and I’m going to take just a small piece of it, and it’s going to be enough for the rest of my life, right?” - Jean-Francois 

14:17 - “A lot of people have a lot of pride in what they’re doing and they get attached to their product. Don’t get me wrong, I love my products but if one dies tomorrow (for whatever reason), I won’t cry over it.” - Jean-Francois 

23:26 - “But if you build solid pillars, and you know the direction you are heading, it’s like the story of the turtle and the hare: you just build it slowly but surely and you learn while you’re doing it. That’s very important.” - Jean-Francois 

23:45 - “I geek out about my product to understand what the niche wants and how they think..” - Jean-Francois

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