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Ep.37 How to Plan & Prepare for a Successful 2021 on Amazon

Sprint to Profit
Ep.37 How to Plan & Prepare for a Successful 2021 on Amazon

Welcome back to the  Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, Kirsty and Isaac are going to talk about planning and preparing for 2021 to make sure that you are well prepared to hit the ground running with your growth plan. Kirsty and Isaac go over the importance of knowing why it is vital to make a plan, what kind of plan to make, and the steps to building a successful growth plan. So sit back, listen, take notes, and start planning now. Waiting too long to start planning could mean disaster for your next year’s goals. If you really want to say bye-bye to your 9-5 day job, this is the first step toward that.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:22 - Hello and Welcome
  • 01:54 - Why it is important to plan for the next year
  • 04:30 - What do you want? SMART Goals
  • 11:25 - Three ways to grow your business
  • 26:45 - Build a forecast and inventory plan
  • 31:36 - Enablers
  • 34:03 - Breaking down into quarters
  • 42:29 - Recap
  • 43:20 - Thanks and conclusion



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03:30 - “Just think about that. It’s basically just like you’re growing your crops for the next year. But you have to plan ahead for it.” - Isaac

07:46 - “You know we usually say it’s nine to twelve months for a SMART goal, you know cause it’s the first, next big milestone that you want to achieve.” - Isaac

11:42 - “What you kinda want to do with this period of the year is do a really big deep dive because I bet most of you aren’t doing this on a quarterly basis anyway.” - Kirsty

26:45 - “You know, the next big thing we want you to do is build a forecast plan which is like: what are you going to launch and when are you going to launch it?” - Isaac

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