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Ep.36 How to Use Amazon Data to Build a Badass Amazon Business with Joe Cardillo of Jungle Scout

Sprint to Profit
Ep.36 How to Use Amazon Data to Build a Badass Amazon Business with Joe Cardillo of Jungle Scout

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, Kirsty and Isaac are chatting with Joe Cardillo from Jungle Scout, which is a company that specializes in helping Amazon sellers find data for product research and other great insights to give them a much better idea of the sales opportunities and the competition on the Amazon platforms. Today we’re talking about Joe’s story, what Jungle Scout can do for their customers, Joe’s advice for sellers, and new possible features and tools that Jungle Scout has to offer.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:22 - Hello and Welcome
  • 01:42 - How Joe started working for Jungle Scout
  • 08:41 - What tools Jungle Scout has
  • 13:35 - What it’s like to collate all the info alongside Amazon changes
  • 16:54 - Requesting reviews
  • 18:57 - Why this is critical for sellers to understand
  • 22:15 - The story behind Jungle Scout
  • 25:45 - What can Jungle Scout do for you
  • 32:29 - New tools or solutions
  • 41:30 - Advice and final words from Joe
  • 46:45 - Thanks and conclusion



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14:38 - “There are constant changes that they’re reacting to constantly and luckily the team is really built around that over the past few years so we are able to move fast and move better in that area.” - Joe Cardillo

21:01 - “It can be an intense game, playing with the numbers.” - Joe Cardillo

27:37 - “Our mission at Jungle Scout is to empower entrepreneurs across the world.” - Joe Cardillo

38:00 - “Even the sellers, the number one tool that they are using are the product database, the opportunity finder, and the product finder.” - Joe Cardillo 

42:21 - “Every product you launch, or as you’re selling, it’s a learning process. You’re only going to get better and better and better.” - Joe Cardillo

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