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Ep.35 How I Created a Multi-Million Dollar Amazon Business Before Age 30 with Joseph Harwood

Sprint to Profit
Ep.35 How I Created a Multi-Million Dollar Amazon Business Before Age 30 with Joseph Harwood

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, Kirsty and Isaac are chatting with Amazon Entrepreneur Joseph Harwood who has made a multi-million dollar Amazon business before he even turned 30. Joe has sold millions of dollars on Amazon, he’s a new father, and he has created a very favorable lifestyle on the back of his ecommerce businesses. Today he will be sharing the ups and downs of his journey, his advice for new sellers, and some resources to help you become an amazing seller.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:20 - Hello and Welcome
  • 02:43 - Life before Amazon
  • 10:56 - In response to “It’s my business. I have to do it all myself.”
  • 12:25 - Success versus failure: “I have to make this work.”
  • 15:50 - Advice for getting over hurdles
  • 19:27 - Product advantage and the hunt for the perfect product
  • 25:59 - How important is product innovation
  • 32:29 - Roadblocks that continuously pop up
  • 34:16 - Advice for people who are just starting
  • 37:00 - How Joe’s business is going now (how was his exit)
  • 43:50 - Resources that have really helped Joe
  • 46:45 - Thanks and conclusion



Joseph Harwood email: harwood.e.joseph@gmail.com

Our Website: https://www.goteamreal.com/

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04:10 - “Wow, this is real. This is a thing: talk to someone in China, get it on a boat, put it on this website, and it starts selling. I was blown away and hooked.” - Joseph Harwood 

11:41 - “Once you shift gears and you’ve got a bit of momentum, adopting that CEO mindset is a big thing.” - Joseph Harwood

26:12 - “Outsourcing and supply chain is fundamental to the business.” - Joseph Harwood

22:44 - “If you can beat them on fundamentals, then you can win.” - Joseph Harwood

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