Ep.6 REAL Amazon Insight with Amazon Seller Jo Cumberpatch

Episode 6 March 23, 2020 00:42:59
Ep.6 REAL Amazon Insight with Amazon Seller Jo Cumberpatch
Sprint to Profit
Ep.6 REAL Amazon Insight with Amazon Seller Jo Cumberpatch

Mar 23 2020 | 00:42:59


Show Notes

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast. This is Kirsty and Isaac and we developed this podcast to help highlight the very best strategies on how to grow your Amazon business.

Today we’re talking with Amazon seller Jo Cumberpatch. She shares her ups, her downs, the lessons she’s learned, advice for new sellers, and fun stories and anecdotes from the journey.

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04:20 – “Basically what it did was, it allowed us to--well, I was going to say market but we never really got good at marketing. It allowed us to finesse the game.” – Jo Cumberpatch, on practicing her strategies with overstock.

10:00 – “I just needed to have something. You get called--when you’re a mom--you don’t have a name.  You’re just ‘Alex’s Mum’. You’re ‘The Twins’ Mom’ and that’s who I’d been for a few years.” – Jo Cumberpatch

07:00 – “You were friends with other moms that you could ask, ‘Ay, would you buy this?’ You kinda did your own market research without actually doing market research.” – Kirsty

22:45 - “You will learn way, way more if you fail at something than if you were to just walk away and give up.” - Jo Cumberpatch

40:50 - “Procrastination and lack of action is definitely not going to get you success.” - Jo Cumberpatch

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