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Ep.46 Manage by Stats - Curtis Johnson and Mark Jepsen

Sprint to Profit
Ep.46 Manage by Stats - Curtis Johnson and Mark Jepsen

Welcome back to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, we are going to be speaking with Curtis Johnson and Mark Jepsen from Manage By Stats,  which is a software company that helps Amazon sellers understand how to grow their business through using real-time data to make informed business decisions and to optimize their products and ads based on their data. Curtis and Mark are coming on the show today to deliver some awesome insights for Amazon sellers from his deep knowledge of the mistakes and successes of Amazon business owners.

Today, Curtis and Mark are going to go over a few Manage by Stats’ tools which will help sellers find high key search terms for their products, email systems, as well as some of their tracking tools. They’re also talking about their newest and most ambitious tool: a human-guided AI, built to help Amazon sellers sell their products. They’ll also dish out some great advice for new and veteran Amazon sellers.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:23 - Hello and Welcome
  • 00:54 - Curtis and Mark introduction and background
  • 05:00 - Biggest issues that Amazon sellers struggle with
  • 10:45 - How “Manage by Stats” help both veteran and new sellers
  • 16:20 - Common tweaks sellers can do to help with listings
  • 20:30 - Pricing and how that is linked to marketing
  • 23:10 - Helping sellers understand how to drive traffic
  • 37:10 - The importance of having a circular view about your products
  • 39:30 - Amazon businesses aren’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of business
  • 42:10 - How Manage by Stats onboarding works
  • 43:57 - Getting ahold of Curtis and Mark for questions or comments
  • 45:14 - Conclusion



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21:02 - “I think that some people forget what is considered part of marketing. The way your products look, the packaging, the way you approach things like [price point]. All of these things are a part of marketing.” - Curtis Johnson

21:33 - “If you don’t show value to justify that high of a price people are going to see the price and they’re going to go somewhere else. If they don’t see the reason why you’re way cheaper than someone else, again, they’ll go somewhere else. These are both marketing points. All of this is marketing.” - Curtis Johnson

05:33 - “The most prevalent thing is keyword research and optimizing their listing as best as possible.” - Mark Jepsen, on common mistakes from new Amazon sellers 

08:41 - “Tracking your keywords, doing your advertising for the keywords that you’re ranking for. Like, all those things tie together and if you can think with all those aspects together and build it in that sequence where it’s all going to tie together, your ad-spend that you’re doing is going to be a lot more profitable.” - Mark Jepsen

11:21 - “Basically for new sellers who don’t have a product yet, their key focus is going to be finding the right kind of product that they want to go into, and then making sure they’re building that product out in a sensible manner that’s going to get them the most bang for their buck.” - Mark Jepsen

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