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Ep.54 How to Overcome Some Key Amazon Killers and Find Hidden Fees with Vladi Gordon from Sellerboard

Sprint to Profit
Ep.54 How to Overcome Some Key Amazon Killers and Find Hidden Fees with Vladi Gordon from Sellerboard

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, we’re talking with Vladi Gordon from Sellerboard. Sellerboard is a German-based startup with the mission of building the world’s most functional and user-friendly management accounting tool for Amazon sellers. Today he’s here to talk about what Sellerboard can do for you and to tell us his story about how he got into the Amazon business, the lessons he has learned from his successes and failures, his tips on how to best deal with returns, and how you can manage your numbers.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:23 - Hello and Welcome
  • 01:10 - About Sellerboard
  • 02:05 - Vladi Gordon’s background and the birth of Sellerboard
  • 12:13 - Profit killers in the Amazon business
  • 17:30 - How can Sellerboard help sellers solve some of their biggest issues
  • 24:15 - The logistics and fees associated with customer returns
  • 30:50 - Vladi’s tip on reducing your number of returns
  • 34:15 - How Sellerboard helps you track your returns and sales
  • 36:00 - Simple things Amazon sellers can do right now
  • 45:36 - Sellerboard software
  • 52:05 - Conclusion



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07:43 - “The first problem I ran into is, I didn’t know how much I was selling because both of my products were in the same niche so I couldn’t even see how many items of each was sold.” - Vladi Gordon, about his first problem as a seller

24:32 - “Returns are the most underrated expense or profit killer.” - Vladi Gordon

46:27 - “Our focus is profit analytics. The main function is profit.” - Vladi Gordon on how Sellerboard can help Amazon Sellers

46:46 - “We can help you track by batch or by period of time because cost of goods change over time. Every batch that you order, you can pay more or less for shipping. It can be hard to keep track of.” - Vladi Gordon

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