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Ep.58 Chelsea Cohen from SoStocked - Inventory Management for Amazon Sellers

Sprint to Profit
Ep.58 Chelsea Cohen from SoStocked - Inventory Management for Amazon Sellers

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. This week we are going to be speaking with Chelsea Cohen of SoStocked about some of the things it takes to be successful on Amazon, as well as the insights and trends she has been seeing through her software company. With the changes that Amazon is putting into place involving storage and inventory, now is the perfect time to look into a service like SoStocked, which is focused on inventory management for Amazon sellers. Chelsea discusses the journey that led her to SoStocked, the importance of inventory management and how it ties into cash flow and marketing, and how SoStocked can help new and veteran sellers alike.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:23 - Hello and Welcome
  • 01:56 - Chelsea’s story and journey to Amazon
  • 07:12 - The importance of managing your inventory properly on Amazon
  • 12:52 - How SoStocked helps sellers with their inventory issues
  • 19:20 - SoStocked helps sellers as soon as they sign up
  • 24:01 - When to start using SoStocked
  • 31:10 - Last minute thoughts for Amazon sellers
  • 33:30 - Conclusion



SoStocked: https://www.sostocked.com/?via=real 

So Stocked Inventory Template: https://www.sostocked.com/amazon-inventory-spreadsheet-template/

Money/Time Investment Tool: https://www.goteamreal.com/smartgoal

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07:37 - “Now more than ever, Amazon is creating a lot more policies which are forcing us to grow up in the inventory management aspect of our businesses.” - Chelsea Cohen

08:26 - “They’ve realized that space is one of their bigger commodities and they need to start restricting space. They no longer want to be a storage facility for us.” - Chelsea Cohen

18:47 - “Amazon, when you stock out, they’re looking at your total sales so even their forecasting algorithm is not very accurate to that.” - Chelsea Cohen

24:54 - “It’s never too early to have a system or to adopt best practices.” - Chelsea Cohen

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