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Ep. 67 How to Be a REAL CEO in Your Amazon Business Part 7 - Focus on high impact projects FIRST

Sprint to Profit
Ep. 67 How to Be a REAL CEO in Your Amazon Business Part 7 - Focus on high impact projects FIRST

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. Today’s episode is the 7th part of our continuing series on how to be the CEO of your Amazon business. We’re talking about learning how to focus on completing and spending your time on the highest impact tasks and projects in your business. This useful skill will maximize your talents as the head of the company and will help grow your business quickly and with agility.


Today we’re going to focus on:

  • How to know what stuff is important for YOU as the CEO to work on
  • How to know what tasks are urgent, but you can likely get someone else to take them on
  • How to know what tasks are not important and not urgent and you can stop doing them forever
  • How to make sure you stay accountable to the high impact tasks even when things are hard

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Talking Points:

  • 00:23 - Hello and Welcome
  • 03:20 - Preview of the topic points
  • 05:17 - The important things you should focus on each day, week, month, and year
  • 09:25 - $10 tasks you should delegate to others
  • 15:44 - $10,000 Task: Conferences
  • 20:52 - Things you should stop doing entirely
  • 27:40 - Traits of a CEO
  • 35:00 - Do you want to be a CEO?
  • 39:07 - Money management
  • 43:07 - Summary of the episode
  • 43:48 - Conclusion



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09:34 - “How much are you actually worth as a CEO in the business?” - Kirsty

26:57 - “If the foundation of the business isn’t working, then it’s like polishing a turd. Because it’s not going to make a difference.” - Kirsty

06:45 - “What things do you need to focus on for the next quarter? You personally. What does the business need to achieve? What do you need to achieve?” - Isaac

07:02 - “Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it.” - Isaac

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