Ep.60 Melanie Shabangu - New Brexit / EU Compliance and Regulatory Info

Episode 60 April 13, 2021 00:41:17
Ep.60 Melanie Shabangu - New Brexit / EU Compliance and Regulatory Info
Sprint to Profit
Ep.60 Melanie Shabangu - New Brexit / EU Compliance and Regulatory Info

Apr 13 2021 | 00:41:17


Show Notes

Welcome to the Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers.

In today’s episode. we’re talking with Melanie Shabangu. You might remember her from an episode much earlier in our podcast history, where we talked about UK and EU VAT Regulations. Melanie is one of the brilliant minds behind AVASK Accountants and Business Consul. Melanie has had 6 years in practice and 10 years working with SMEs, she places emphasis on being a proactive accountant, understanding her clients and their businesses.

Today, we will be discussing the new Brexit/EU compliance and regulatory information which Amazon sellers will need to know now that these changes have come into effect. Since January, sellers have been in two boats: confused about the changes due to Brexit, or hesitant to sell abroad because of those changes. Melanie is here to help clear the air and answer some questions about what these changes mean for sellers and some of the best practices during these chaotic and turbulent times.

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Melanie’s previous episode: https://goteamreal.com/podcasts/ep-4-new-uk-and-eu-vat-regulations-explained-with-melanie-shabangu-of-avask-accounting/

Melanie’s email: [email protected]

Tom’s email: [email protected]

AVASK Accounting and Business Consulting, official website: http://www.ukvat.uk.com/

The Online Hustle by Melanie V. Shabangu on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Online-Hustle-Ultimate-Commerce-Guide/dp/1838345108

AVASK on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AVASKAccounting

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05:37 - “If you’re looking for inventory now that is here in the UK and it has to go into Europe, that is where the problem is. That’s the export part.” - Melanie Shebangu

20:22 - “There’s not one size fits all, unfortunately.” - Melanie Shebangu

20:38 - “If somebody knew that there were thresholds between the UK and Europe. Those thresholds don’t exist today, which means that the UK is the UK and the thresholds exist within the EU27.” - Melanie Shebangu

27:53 - “It’s going to be the strong ones that survive the market moving forward.” - Melanie Shebangu

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