Sprint to Profit

Ep.39 The 7 Steps to Start Your Amazon Business the Right Way

Sprint to Profit
Ep.39 The 7 Steps to Start Your Amazon Business the Right Way

Welcome back to the  Sprint to Profit Podcast for Amazon Sellers. In this episode, we are going to break down the essential steps on how to actually get started in a proper way to make sure you give yourself the best chance for success. From tips like how to identify your ideal client to the definition of a good keyword, we have dozens of tips for you today, which we’ve categorized into seven steps that focus on how you can start your Amazon business right.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:22 - Hello and Welcome
  • 01:55 - Step 1: Finding your ideal client to serve...NOT a product to sell to customers
  • 10:24 - Step 2: Do product research on the main keywords of your products
  • 15:20 - Step 3: Determine if the products are profitable & prioritize the      best opportunities
  • 18:50 - Step 4: Start sourcing factories to manufacture the products
  • 21:30 - Step 5: Order your product inventory from your preferred supplier
  • 21:50 - Step 6: Create your marketing strategy & launch a plan to start off right
  • 26:37 - Step 7: Analyze your metrics to optimize your business & repeat the whole process again
  • 28:39 - Summary and recap
  • 33:11 - Thanks and conclusion



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02:27 - “Your first goal is to build a brand that connects with these ideal clients.” - Kirsty

05:22 - “That customer avatar that most people tell you to focus on is almost irrelevant to what you’re trying to achieve.” - Isaac

04:00 - “And then all of a sudden you’ve got a mish mash of products. They might sell some stuff off of Amazon, but that’s not you building a real business, right? You want build yourself a brand.” - Kirsty

12:39 - “We want to see people doing around 30 sales a day to let us know that there is a demand there.” - Isaac

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